NIMS CBS – Design Thinking workshop with IBM

By November 30, 2017 No Comments

On the 29th of November, we had the pleasure to hold a design thinking workshop with IBM in Copenhagen. Design Thinking is a rather new method for practical, creative resolution of problems. Originally it stems from the design industry and is now more and more applied in a business context.

Many of us had not really a lot of knowledge about Design Thinking at the beginning of the workshop, but IBM gave us a short introduction, explaining the approach in general and the underlying process. After this initial introduction, we got together in teams and started to work on our problem: “How can NIMS help graduate students make themselves even more attractive to recruiter?” Generally, the design process starts with the inspiration phase: understanding the problem or the opportunity. Hence the first step of the workshop was the development of personas – stereotypes of potential HR recruiters – to better understand the target group and develop tailored solutions. The second phase is the ideation phase, were ideas are generated. In our case we did this via brainstorming methods and the extensive use of post-its. Thereby it was allowed to not only think about feasible solutions, but also to be creative and come up with crazy and unrealistic ideas, which would finally solve the problem at hand. The last phase of the design thinking method is the implementation and prototyping phase. In our case, every group thought about potential scenarios, how the ideas could be implemented and started to sketch first designs and prototypes on paper. In the end, every group presented his solutions and everyone was impressed by the amount of good ideas, with which we came up.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank IBM once again for holding the workshop. It was a great experience for everyone and we are already looking forward to the next NIMS workshop.